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SAVE $$$ By bundling your Home and Auto Insurance 

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Homeowner's Insurance

When you bundle with us, you'll earn a multi-policy discount of up to 17% for your auto, home, condo, or renters insurance Policy.

What is Homeowner's Insurance?

Is a form of Property Insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's residence, along with furnishings and other assets in the home. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.

Overview of your Property Coverage.

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When it comes to homeowners coverage, you need enough insurance in the event that you need to cover the cost of the followings after a disaster.

  • Rebuilding the structure of your home.

  • Replacing your personal property.

  • Paying for the cost of additional living expenses while your house it's being repaired or rebuilt.

  • Covering the cost of personal liability claims

What are the typical Home Insurance Coverages?

Section I - Property Coverages

  • Coverage A - Dwelling

Covers the value of the dwelling itself (not at market value); It is the portion of your home insurance policy that pertains to the cost of rebuilding and repairing your home in the event that it is damaged or destroyed in a covered peril. 

  • Coverage B - Other Structures

Is the portion of your Homeowner's policy that pays to repair or replace detached structures, which are located on your property and not connected to your home, if they are damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. (e.g., Fences, Sheds, Gazebos)  

  • Coverage C - Personal Property

Is the portion of your Homeowner's policy that pays for your personal items that have been damaged, destroyed or stolen due to a covered peril. (e.g., Furniture, Electronics, Appliances)

  • Coverage D - Loss of Use

Is the portion of your Homeowner's policy that pays for your temporary living expenses, restaurant meals, car storage and even pet kennel expenses, for a certain period of time while your damaged home is being repaired or rebuilt.

  • Additional Coverages

Covers a variety of expenses such as debris removal, reasonable repairs, damage to trees and shrubs for certain named perils, fire department charges, credit card and identity theft charges, loss assessment and some building additions. These Vary depending upon the form.

  • Exclusions

These generally include earth movement, water damage, power failure, neglect, war, nuclear hazard, septic tank back-up expenses and intentional loss. In an open perils policy, specific exclusions will be stated in this section. Flood damage is typically excluded under standard homeowner's insurance policies. Flood coverage, however, is available in the form of a separate policy and we can help you meet your needs.

Section II - Liability Coverages

  • Coverage E - Personal Liability

Provides coverage if a claim is made or a suit is brought against an insured because of bodily injury or property damage arising from a covered occurrence. Covers damages which the insured is legally liable for and provides a legal defense. (e.g., Dog Bites)

  • Coverage F - Medical Payments

It’s designed to be a safety net in the instance a guest, or anyone else, sustains minor injuries while on your property. Due to the low limits of medical payments coverage, these claims are often used in addition to a person’s own health insurance.

HO Umbrella

What is an Umbrella Policy? 

Umbrella insurance is a secondary policy designed to protect you and your family from major claims and lawsuits, it is designed to go a step beyond traditional policies.

When should you get Umbrella Insurance?

  • You have significant savings or other assets above $500,000. 

  • Own a business

  • Own property, especially Investment property

  • Coach youth sports

  • Want to protect the potential loss of future income

  • Own certain breeds of dogs

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HO Personal Art

Personal Articles Insurance

What is a Personal Articles Policy?

A Personal Articles Policy gives you extra coverage for your more valuable items. With the ability to cover specific, or “scheduled” items, these policies often include things that are more easily lost, misplaced, or have a higher likelihood of being stolen. Jewelry and guns are the most common items you’ll find, but you can add anything that’s considered to be of higher value.

(e.g., Golf Equipment, Engagement Rings, Musical Equipment, Art or coins collections, Silverware)

Under what circumstances would my items be covered?

The personal articles policy ensures that your items are covered for theft, loss or misplacement, as well as mysterious disappearance. The rule of thumb is that it’s covered for everything except for what’s specifically excluded. These exclusions usually include wear and tear, or unlikely events. You’ll find those exclusions on your personal articles policy.

How much does a personal articles policy cost?

Personal articles policies are typically very affordable! these policy's average cost is about .70 to .90 cents per $100 insured. We have customers with $20,000 worth of insured jewelry, paying $185 annually.

Engagement Ring
Golf Clubs
DSL Camera
Flood Insurance
Commercial Flood Insurance, Business Flood Insurance, cheap flood insurance

Flood Insurance

Personal Flood Insurance. Flood Insurance. New York Flood Insurance

What does Flood Insurance cover?

In the event of a flood, your policy covers direct physical losses to your home and belongings; that includes the physical structure of your home and its foundation, plumbing and electrical systems; central air and heating systems; cabinets and paneling up to the policy's building limit. The policy can also cover your personal belongings such us clothing, furniture and electronics; curtains; some appliances; freezers and the food within them up to the policy's content limit.

Who needs Flood Insurance? 

Most of the homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage, so if you want to be sure you're protected in the event of a flood, then flood insurance is a must. 

- If you're in a high-risk zone, your mortgage lender will likely require a standard flood insurance policy before they'll finalize your loan.

- If you're in an area considered moderate or low risk for flooding, you can get what's called a Preferred Risk Policy, a lower cost plan designed for lower risk properties.

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency),  if you live in an area with low or moderate flood risk, you are five times more likely to experience a flood than a fire in your home over the next 30 years.

How do I buy Flood Insurance?

To purchase a Flood Insurance policy for your home or business just give us a call at (516) 704-9111 and we will have your property and belongings insured in less then 15 minutes.  

HO Pet
HO Hom Warranty

Pet Insurance

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance, or veterinary health insurance, helps cover the cost of veterinary care to keep your pets healthy. Pet parents who have insurance can go to the vet in confidence and get their pets the treatment they need without having to worry as much about the costs.

Insurance plans can be tailored to your pet’s age, potential breed-specific health conditions, existing health issues, and many other needs. You can insure multiple pets.

How do I use Pet Insurance?

Unlike human health insurance plans, you can use any pet insurance policy at any licensed veterinary clinic in the U.S. There are no networks to worry about and there is no co-pay. Instead, most insurance carriers require that you pay upfront for treatment. You will then be reimbursed based on the funds you had to pay and the terms of your pet insurance policy.

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Home Warranty Insurance 

What is Home Warranty Insurance?

Home warranty insurance is designed to protect your home's appliances and systems from breakdowns caused by normal wear and tear. 

What does a Home Warranty Cover? 

Typically, home warranties can cover systems such as heating, air conditioning, and plumbing. Covered appliances can include the dishwasher, oven, and washer/dryer. When a breakdown occurs to these or any other items covered under the contract, the home warranty company can repair or replace them.

What is the Cost of a Home Warranty? 

The average cost for home warranty basic coverage ranges between $350 to $600 annually. Extended coverage can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 more, depending on what products are added.

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